Fall 2013 anime trailers

It’s early still, but trailers and teasers are beginning to emerge for the autumn 2013 anime season. First, the latest look at Kill La Kill, Studio Trigger’s schoolgirl battle series, which looks very much like the stuff that the same people previously made for Gainax:

This trailer is for both Galilei Donna, which looks unremarkable, and Samurai Flamenco, a super hero series that will run in the prestigious noitaminA programming block.

Coppellion is about survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. There’s a giant robot spider in this trailer, so that’s something.

Kyokai no Kanata appears to actually have some excitement to it, which doesn’t quite mesh with its Kyoto Animation house art style.

Gundam Build Fighters is continuing in the style of the Gunpla Builders series. Good stuff for those that like the look of Gundams, but don’t like the space war elements.

Finally, a nostalgia trip for original Gameboy owners: Pokemon the Origin, a TV special about Red, protagonist of the first Pokemon game.

Nothing yet for the horror  series Pupa, or the long-awaited Bushiroad (which was stuck in development hell for a decade), but so far it looks like an alright upcoming Japanese TV season.

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