Today’s Random Tokusatsu: Sexy Rangers (2011)

Today’s selection: Sexy Rangers (2011, dir. Shinji Nishikawa)

Subgenre: Henshin Heroine

Available from: Cinema Epoch

This is your regular reminder that while the Super Sentai franchise has never been officially released in North America, we do have official subtitled DVDs for Venus Ranger, Space Ranger, and Akiballion: Battlemaids of Akihabara, in short, the low-budget cheesecake (not-actually-porn-but-I-could-see-where-you’d-be-confused) parodies. One of the titles that’s made its way over is Bakunyuu Sentai Pairanger (not to be confused with Bakunyuu Sentai Chichiranger, which actually is porn; both “pai” and “chichi” are slang for “boobs”), under the more marketable title Sexy Rangers. This outing is a cut above: I like the silly conceit that our heroines get power directly from how much they’re ogled by perverts, at least explaining the sleaze on a meta-level (it’s also less sleazy than some of the other titles), and they actually bother with having a giant robot battle. This movie is the only directing credit to director Nishikawa’s name, but he did effects work on Tokyo SOS and designed some of the monsters in Godzilla: Final Wars, so at least this is more of a labor of love than it could have been from someone completely uninvested. Also, dang, is that theme song catchy!

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