Sentai Filmworks licenses Gatchaman Crowds

It was predictable when Sentai Filmworks license-rescued the original 1972 Gatchaman anime (sort of from themselves, as it was an ADV title) that there must have been a motive for it: either the new live-action Gatchaman film (unlikely, since they shy away from live-action stuff now) or the new anime Gatchaman Crowds. Well, they just picked up the rights to Crowds for a home video release in 2014. The show is airing now, and currently streaming on crunchyroll, but much like Sentai’s licensing of Majestic Prince for home video, this is a welcome addition for those out-of-region or worried about streams disappearing. Of all Tatsunoko’s anime revivals, Crowds has the least to do with its source material (Tekkaman Blade has more in common with TekkamanCasshern Sins has more in common with Casshern, etc), but every now and then an Easter egg will drop to remind the audience that it’s not just an unrelated show in a bird-helmeted costume. It is different enough that it’s hard to criticize the show on a “they messed up X-or-Y”-aspect-level, though; sort of apples and oranges.

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