Today’s Random Tokusatsu: My Soul is Slashed (1991)

Today’s selection: My Soul is Slashed (1991, dir. Shusuke Kaneko)

Subgenre: Vampire

Available from: fansub-only

I don’t know how a movie called “Kamitsukitai” (I want to bite) winds up with two unrelated English titles without ever seeing an English release, but this movie is known alternatively as either My Soul is Slashed or From Dracula with Love. The premise is quite similar to Chan-wook Park’s hit 2009 Korean movie Thirst (a relatively benign average guy gets a blood transfusion at the hospital, but in a twist the donor was from a vampire), but unlike Thirst, this is played as comedy.

As a movie, it’s one of Kaneko’s earlier outings, not quite as polished as Gamera: Guardian of the Universe or Death Note, but there are hints of greatness to come. There are probably more special effects than the budget allowed (especially in the opening credits), Kow Otani has a semi-gothic score for the film, and Eisei Amamoto even plays a bit part. It’s not a film that I’d recommend for a casual or novice fan, but it’s sad that it doesn’t have more distribution (even in the dodgy gray-market fansub world) for Kaneko completists and Toho horror fans.

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2 Responses to Today’s Random Tokusatsu: My Soul is Slashed (1991)

  1. Chris Conner says:

    I’ve been trying desperately to find this film, but to no avail. Any idea where I can get a hold of the fansubbed copy?

    • kevnder says:

      I picked up a copy from Video Search of Miami. They went out of business around 2008, but it looks like AsianDVDClub may have a rip of their subs.

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