Toei’s internet channel announcement

Toei has announced that they’re going to have a pay internet channel in the US starting sometime next month, targeting Japanese audiences, but eventually adding English subtitles to their shows a year down the road, as part of the Cool Japan initiative. The announcement specifically mentioned Kamen Rider (and Yakuza Wives), so the internet has been abuzz about the ramifications this could have on tokusatsu availability. Naturally, it would be great if Toei began subtitling some its older shows, or if high viewerships of tokusatsu programming led to more availability in English. That said, there’re pretty much no details about this yet, so it’s hard to say. Best case, we get on-demand subtitled streaming of all of their line-up; worst case is essentially just a live-stream of the Japanese Toei channel as it airs on Japanese TV. The Super Sentai franchise is especially curious, since Saban has quite the history of blocking American releases of that stuff.

via hju, crunchyroll

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