More info on Innocent Lillies

It turns out, contrary to what was previously reported, Koichi Sakamoto’s live-action magical girl story Innocent Lillies is not technically a movie. The movie that will be released in Japan on September 21 is a compilation of ten 10-minute episodes, which will also be streaming legally worldwide on viki.

The potentially bad news: the series is written by Reiko Yoshida, author of Tokyo Mew Mew, but also of titles like K-On, Girl und Panzer, Samurai X: Reflection, and Digimon 02. The cast is made of six members of the pop group DEMPAGUMI Inc, all apparently first-time actors. Neither of these things is a deal-breaker, but it does raise an eyebrow… especially when the official English press release uses the word “moe”.

innocent lillies

via crunchyroll

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