Garo’s rival Zero is back for his own series!

There have been numerous Garo spin-offs lately: a new season with an entirely new cast, Kiba: Dark Knight Apocrypha about the first season’s villain, Whistle of the Phantom Peach or The Tougen Flute (these things really need official English titles) about priestesses Jabi and Rekka, even the original Garo Gaiden about Kaoru. But what of Rei, the silver knight Zero? As a major part of the first season, he got a standalone appearance in Makai Senki, and it was one of the best episodes in the second season. Now that the third season is underway, I guess we’ll never see him agai-

zeroreturns That’s right, the official Garo website (as well as Keita Amemiya’s twitter) have confirmed a new 6-episode series focusing on Zero, with Ryu Kaneda directing. Excellent! I see that actor Ray Fujita is happy about this as well:


via hju

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