Kaiju Rising anthology novel Kickstarter

Kaiju in the literary format have had quite the boom in recent years, and the (creative) success of Pacific Rim has only bolstered things. Inspired by this, a kickstarter campaign has launched for Kaiju Rising, an anthology novel of 19 stories, more if they reach their stretch goals:

kaiju rising They seem to be close to the goal of $10,000 by October 6, but they have stretch goals out to $17,000 for extra stories and artwork and such. They also have a handful of positions open for higher pledgers to have their cities or person flattened in one of the chapters.

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1 Response to Kaiju Rising anthology novel Kickstarter

  1. M. Alan Thomas II says:

    Damn, the city tiers are all gone now. I totally would have paid to see either (1) St. Louis or (2) Sheboygan flattened. (There’s a famous 1979 board game from SPI called “The Creature That Ate Sheboygan.” It features some Kaiju you’d recognize, probably used without permission.)

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