Vividred Operation, Zetman home video releases

Vividred Operation made a minor splash in the mecha fandom upon its release earlier this year, because, despite being a magical girl show, several of the story aspects were structurally similar to Mazinger Z. The series has been streaming on crunchyroll, but now a DVD release has been announced by Aniplex USA, for $59.98, on December 17.

via ann

Zetman, based on Masakazu Katsura’s dark hero manga, was streaming on several sites, including Viz’s English dub on Neon Alley, but will have BD ($54.98) and DVD ($44.98) sets released November 5. The anime is lackluster compared to the manga, mostly due to breakneck pacing, but hopefully reasonable sales would encourage Viz to license the manga as well (it is a Jump manga, after all).

Speaking of Viz releases and Masakazu Katsura, Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning is due on home video October 1. As a recap movie, it’s not all that exciting, but might still be of interest for completists.

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