Switchblade Pictures licenses Iron Girl

I haven’t discussed Switchblade Pictures much on this ‘blog, despite them being one of the few companies releasing Japanese films in English, simply because most of their output recently (e.g. Hellhole: Inmate 611 and Big Bad Mama-san) has been outside of the sci-fi/fantasy/monster niches of exploitation cinema. The recent superheroine movie Iron Girl does fit the criteria, though, and as a title that I’d actually heard of before (mostly because it features Rina Akiyama and Go-Onger’s Yasuhisa Furuhara), I’m almost surprised that Switchblade picked it up. It’s pretty cool to cross one more movie off the big list of tokusatsu films that I thought would never get translated, and we can expect a release of the film here in January.

via scifi japan

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