The next generation Patlabor looks an awful lot like the first one

A press conference video has just gone up for Mamoru Oshii’s upcoming The Next Generation – Patlabor, and for a movie set in 2013 (of the Patlabor timeline) the cast of characters seems oddly familiar. Shigeru Chiba is reprising his role as maintenance cheif Shigeo Shiba, but the new characters seem analogous to anime counterparts, if even just in name. Kamen Rider Nadeshiko’s Erina Mano is starring as a pilot named Izumino Akira, as opposed to the anime’s Izumi Noa, and Bayside Shakedown‘s Toshio Kakei will be playing a Captain Gotoda Keiji (the original was called Goto Kiichi). Throwing in a Kanuka Clancy-alike (Ekaterina Krachevna Kankaeva) and a Shinohara (Shiobara) and you’ve got yourself a Patlabor cast!

via ann

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