Today’s Random Tokusatsu: Parasite Doctor Suzune – Genesis (2011)

Today’s selection: Parasite Doctor Suzune: Genesis (2011, dir. Ryu Kaneda)

Subgenre: Exorcist/Paranormal Investigator

Available from: Media Blasters

Parasite Doctor Suzune: Genesis is the first of two live-action movies based on a manga series by the singly-named Haruki. I haven’t read the manga (though it does have an English release via DMP, it’s classified as adult manga, so local bookstores may not have it), but a cursory look at the covers show that if nothing else, the movie’s got the main character’s look down. The heroine, Suzune, is a doctor who specializes in rare and mysterious parasites that affect human behavior – in short, she’s a modern-day Mushishi. This movie details her search into her past, including her father’s disappearance, the research that he may have been involved with (including the parasite which infects Suzune), and a mysterious man claiming to be Suzune’s long-lost fiance by arranged marriage.

While the movie doesn’t shy away from sexual imagery (including the Japanese staple of pervy tentacle monsters), it’s not really pornographic, instead functioning in a more revulsion/horror way. The effects are mostly limited to the parasites and Suzune’s pet frog, but they look decent, and the handful of action scenes are alright as well. Director Kaneda worked on this immediately following work on Garo: Makai Senki, so a similar dark, mystery aesthetic is at play here.

Possibly NSFW trailer:

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