Today’s Random Tokusatsu: Onechanbara – the Movie (2008)

Today’s selection: OneChanbara: the Movie (2008, dir. Yohei Fukuda)

Subgenre: Zombie

Available from: Media Blasters

Do you like zombie movies? Do you like hot lady zombie hunters in ridiculously impractical fetishistic attire? The OneChanbara (from “onee-chan”= big sister and “chanbara”= swordplay) video game franchise may be for you. This is the fist of two live-action movies based on the game (sometimes with the subtitle Bikini Samurai Squad), the second of which was a lower-budget affair confusingly English titled Chanbara Beauty: Movie Vortex, hiding its sequel status from alphabetical order. Anyway, the first movie is one of my favorites in the “films based on video games” category: it takes the overpowered and surreal special attacks that are present in the games and renders then in live-action splendidly. If only some of the other live-action adaptations of other chi-powered brawlers did so well!

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