NYCC manga licensing news: A whole lot of Attack on Titan, Terra Formars, and other odds and ends

English-speaking Attack on Titan fans have a lot to be excited about: Vertical has announced plans to translate the Before the Fall light novel series, a prequel set 70 years before the main story. There are three novels out in Japan so far, and the first is expected to hit in English in summer 2014. Of course, Before the Fall is not only available as a novel in Japan, it was also adapted into a manga, for which Kodansha just announced US distribution for the spring. It gets better: Kodansha also just announced three other Attack on Titan licenses: the Attack on Titan guidebooks Inside and Outside, the shojo manga about Levi No Regrets, which isn’t even out in Japan yet, and the alternate world Attack on Titan: Junior High, which is exactly what it sounds like. All that just might dethrone Evangelion as the most confusing manga metaseries on shelves.


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A cool-looking Viz acquisition is the sci-fi horror series Terra Formars, a manga set 500 years in the future, after cockroaches that traveled to Mars for human terraforming have had time to evolve into humanoid menaces.

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Other manga picked up by various publishers includes the Negima sequel UQ Holder, the Shonen Magazine adventure series Seven Deadly Sins, a one-shot Battle Royale volume tie-in Angel’s Border, the one-shot anthology Time Killer from the author of Blue Exorcist, and the vampire romance Black Rose Alice. Whew!

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