Manga Reborn digital manga kickstarter

This is crowdfunding for crowdsourcing: Manga Reborn has launched a kickstarter for a digital manga service in English that would get the rights to obscure Japanese manga, then have fans translate them. Their first round of titles includes:

  • New Give My Regards to Black Jack
  • Black Angels
  • Shagara
  • Dokkouren
  • Hisoka Returns!
  • Low Teen Blues
  • Metal Back
  • The Raving Warrior: Suima-kun
  • Someone Comes to Kill Me
  • Hiuri

A few of these look neat, particularly Metal Back and Shagara, so it’ll be interesting to see how this works. Thankfully, it looks like they will be offering titles to download for offline reading, eliminating one of the major detracting points from the recently deceased Jmanga.

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