Upcoming merchandise

Three things have been announced lately, so I’ll consolidate posts:

1) Sentai Filmworks has rescued the Time Bokan OVA, which crosses over several Tatsunoko properties (mostly from Time Bokan, obviously) and was previously available from CPM.

via ann

2) Movic is offering a letter opener based on the sword from Kill La Kill for 2415 yen:

kill la letter

via crunchyroll

3) Wave 3 of Neca’s Pacific Rim figures has been announced. They’ll be Cherno Alpha, Coyote Tango, and Axehead. I wonder if further figures are planned, since they’ve already done all the major jägers and there are  a lot of kaiju left.

NECA Pacific Rim Cherno Alpha NECA Pacific Rim Axehead NECA Pacific Rim Coyote Tango

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