This week’s news roundup


  • Koichi Sakamoto has a movie coming out in Japan in February, titled Red X Pink. The film will feature a heroine with gender-identity disorder (is that title a Sentai reference?), and will star Yuria Haga (Kamen Rider 555, Kamen Rider Kiva), Rina Koike (Kamen Rider Kiva), and Ayame Misaki (Gobusters, Cutie Honey). It sounds like it’s about female cage fighters, so expect a lot of Sakamoto’s trademark idol-vision. [via jefusion]
  • Also coming in February is Minoru Kawasaki’s Earth Defense Widow. The third installment in his “Delusional Tokusatsu” series (following 1987’s Earth Defense Girl Iko-chan and 2011’s Earth Defense Girls P9), this movie will star Dan Mitsu as the title character (the title says it all: she’s a pilot for an elite earth defense group and she’s out for revenge for her dead fiancé), with Ultraseven‘s Koji Moritsugu and Ultraman Ace‘s Shunichi Okita as supporting cast. Kamui Fujisawa is on EDF (or “JAP” as the movie calls them) designs, and Kia Asamiya is on monster designs. I haven’t seen the previous installments in the trilogy, but knowing Kawasaki, I’d expect a lot of dumb comedy. [via crunchyrollearth defense widow
  • The Hollywood-made Star Blazers live-action movie now has director: Christopher McQuarrie, writer of Jack the Giant Slayer and The Wolverine. Assuming the picture actually materializes, it seems like it could extra confusion regarding getting a US release of the 2010 live-action Space Battleship Yamato. [via ann]
  • Keiichi Satou’s CGI Saint Seiya movie has been teased for years now, but the official website now has a title – Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary. Natural speculation that this will be adapting the first arc of the series abounds.
  • Takashi Miike’s frequent assistant Yoshitaka Yamaguchi has been chosen to direct a live-action version of Ghost Hunt. [via crunchyroll]


  • The 1981 super robot TV series Godmars, loosely based on Mars by Mitsuteru Yokoyama, has never had an official English-language release (though its movie did get a VHS) …now it’s on hulu with English subtitles.

  • Neo Ultra Q is getting a Japanese theatrical release, which seems weirdly late. The screenings will also feature new animated segments and colorized episodes of the original Ultra Q. [via SciFi Japan]


  • Jiro Kuwata’s Batman manga  is getting a full printing in Japan. Parts of the 1966 manga were reprinted in English in the book Bat-Manga! The Secret History of Batman in Japan, but the upcoming Japanese set will be complete and much cleaner, if not in English. The three-volume box is an astounding 7980 yen, though. [via ANNbatmanga


  • Bluefin’s facebook uploaded an image of MonsterArts Gigan. Unsurprisingly, it’s using the popular Final Wars design.monsterarts gigan
  • There might be a Revoltech Hello Kitty on the way, but the Chogokin Hello Kitty is much more interesting. It has both a rocket punch and a little Kitty to sit in its cockpit, coming in June for 4400 yen. [via Comics Alliance]Chogokin-Hello-Kitty-robot-5-630x497
  • Kotobukiya is making bishoujo statues based on popular horror movie villains, starting with Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees. [via Tomopop]freddy jason bishoujo
  • Indiana Jones figma (4800 yen, coming in March) [via Comics Alliance]Figma-Indiana-Jones-4


  • Internet Explorer has been personified as a magical girl in a recent ad. I fail to understand why Microsoft needs to advertise a browser that comes with most computers, but hey, the animation’s nice.

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