Week of Nov 22 news round-up

The most exciting news this week by far is that Hitoshi Iwaaki’s 1990-1995 sci-fi horror manga Parasyte (AKA Kiseijuu) is being adapted into a live-action film duology. This is a long time coming (there was talk of Jim Henson studios and Takashi Shimizu adapting the 10-volume series into a movie back in 2005), but according to the latest news, Toho will produce with Returner‘s Takashi Yamazaki directing. The two movies will be released in 2014 and 2015, and there will also be a TV anime adaptation around the same time.


Parasyte is about an invasion of aliens that come to Earth, taking over human bodies and turning them into shape-shifting monsters. Our hero is a human who tourniquets his arm when an alien attaches there, so instead of taking over his brain, he has a case of possessed hand (see: Vampire Hunter D, Midori Days). He and his monster hand team up to battle other people possessed by parasites.

The manga is pretty beloved here (the works of Hitoshi Iwaaki is one of the podcast topics that gets spitballed a lot), so it’s exciting that it’s finally getting adapted. I’m slightly concerned about the live-action films dialing back the violence (thinking of the Gantz films), but the anime has the potential to become quite a hit. Here’s hoping that it results in more merchandise as well!

[via ann]

Other stuff:

  • Another 2014 Godzilla image has leaked, this time through amazon.ca. [via ann]

godzilla light & sound

  • Switchblade Pictures has licensed the live-action movie Girls Zombie, which they will be releasing under the title Girls, Gangsters, and Zombies on March 25. A quick search for information about this movie doesn’t seem promising, but at least Switchblade is putting out a zombie movie amidst their recent trend of trucker films. [via scifi japan]
  • The third part of the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure TV series, Stardust Crusaders, will be starting in spring 2014. The original OVA was incomplete, but has some episodes bordering on perfection (especially the ones directed by Satoshi Kon and Hiroyuki Kitakubo), so it’ll be interesting to see how the new versions from David Pro stack up.
  • Masami Kurumada is launching Kurumada Suikoden, a new manga featuring all of his previous mangas’ heroes. So, how will Fuma no Kojiro characters stand up to Bt’X or Ring ni Kakero dudes stand up to Saint Seiya? Time will tell, I guess, we’ll have to pick up the Dec. 19 issue of Champion Red to find out. [via ann]
  • In a shockingly commercial move for the company, Vertical has licensed the Cardfight!! Vanguard manga. I associate Vertical with “comics lit” hipsterfied editions of Osamu Tezuka’s work, plus a smattering of other high-brow manga, but the Vanguard manga is somewhat disjointed adaptation (cash-in) of the original TV show, and the manga is being packaged with cards from the card game as incentive. (How much of a following does Vanguard have in the US anyway? The show isn’t on TV, so can they really expect Yugioh level success from a youtube-exclusive show?)
  • Hello Kitty. Ninja Turtles. Sure, why not? These 145 mm figures are available through the DCT website for 6980 yen. [via comicsalliance]



  • Neca has posted more pictures for wave 3 of its Pacific Rim figures. Contrary to previous reports, the kaiju Axehead is not included, instead it was Intruder that was pictured (I can’t tell them apart). Also, they have a new, larger sculpt for a battle-damaged Knifehead. I don’t understand this fixation on Knifehead when Otachi and Slattern don’t have figures yet, but hey, at least this wave is still giving us Coyote Tango and Cherno Alpha.

intruderknifehead damage


  • New trailer for the Pupa anime, starting January 9: [via crunchyroll]

  • The latest trailer for Noboru Iguchi’s Nuigulumar Z looks pretty awesome, actually.

  • Trailer/Maing-of for Koichi Sakamoto’s Aka X Pink. Definitely looks like Sakamoto in fetish-mode. [via jefusion]

  • Oh, and there’s a rumor going around that Chaiyo’s trying to get an American Ultraman movie made starring Will Smith. This is hilarious, not because Will Smith would turn down Ultraman, but because Chaiyo can’t make a reasonable film to save their lives.[via nukethefriedge]

smith ultraman


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