Announcements from Garo Appreciation Day

While most of the world was busy with Doctor Who anniversary revelry, there was another geek holiday taking place on November 23: Garo Appreciation Day. It was expected that some news about a new project would be revealed on this Keita Amemiya-announced event, but we got a boatload.

First of all, the previously announced miniseries starring Zero will be called Zero: Black Blood, and will be screening starting March 8th with Part 2 on March 22. There’s a trailer!

That’s all the news we really expected, but there was more. A fourth TV series was announced, featuring Raiga Saejima, Kouga’s son who apparently first appeared in one of the Garo novels. The show, titled Garo: Makai no Hana, will start in April.

As if that weren’t enough, there will also be an anime series set in the Garo world. The script will be written by Yasuko Kobayashi (Shinkenger, Kamen Rider OOO, Casshern Sins, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Attack on Titan), and would be an original story.

But wait, you might be saying, what about the cast of The One Who Shines in Darkness? Apparently the distant sequel season is also getting a follow-up, in the form of a movie.

Dang, that’s a lot of Garo. I hope they don’t stretch themselves thin, but nothing in the franchise has been really bad as of yet. It’s actually becoming a bit of a tokusatsu juggernaut; and I have to wonder how all of these movies, specials, and minis affect the licensing possibilities.

via hju and herotaku

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