Dec 22 news round-up

It’s time for a summary of neat stories and trailer that’ve arisen since… well, since the last time there was a news round-up.

  • Yuichi Fukuda, director of The Hero Yoshihiko and Hentai Kamen, has a new movie called Joshiku in the works, an all-female Sentai parody. It’s due in Japan in early summer. [via jefusion]


  • SciFi Japan TV has a look at Yoshihiro Nishimura’s upcoming zombie sketch comedy film Zombie TV.
  • This gingerbread Optimus Prime just won the Mills Gingerbread House competition in Norway. Is he technically a house? [via ann]

ginerbread prime

  • On December 15, there was a live event for a henshin hero called Fujiyama Ichiban. Here’s the hook: this is an American-created property in true Japanese form. Read more about it at SciFi Japan.

  • Death Note is becoming a stage musical (keeping my hopes alive for the prospect of Fist of the North Star on Broadway… c’mon, somebody’s got to be interested!). Check out crunchyroll for details.

And a boatload of trailers:

  • Yu-gi-oh: Arc-V, the fifth (or sixth, depending on how you count) TV series in the franchise.

  • Nobunagun, about possessed weapons and their wielders, starts Jan 5:

  • And then there’s this season’s other Nobunaga-themed mecha show (did nobody think that would confuse audiences?), Nobunaga the Fool:

  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders TV series, continuing with the third arc from the manga:

  • Captain Earth, coming in April, from the same team as Star Driver:

  • The new Powerpuff Girls special that’s coming January 20th:

  • Bodacious Space Pirates: The Abyss of Hyperspace, a movie coming February 22, a sequel to the TV series.

  • The Kyoryuger vs. Gobusters movie (playing Jan 18th), which also features some other dinosaur-themed Sentai:

  • The sequel to the live-action Rurouni Kenshin movie, which is looking to be the second in a trilogy now:

  • The Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution PS3/X360 game, which has a Mecha-Naruto in it:

  • The Next Generation Patlabor! The first of the seven parts (which I understand to each be about 48 minutes long) is debuting on April 5; ann has posted the full schedule.

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