News aggregation for February 8

A few cool stories and trailers from the last week:

  • The latest Dragonball Bardok special was unforgivable BS, but it may  have got somebody thinking: with all this fanfare about Goku’s dad, what was his mom like? Well, Akira Toriyama’s finally going to reveal the mysterious lady Gine is the April 4th collected edition of Jaco the Galaxy Patrolman. Might this be a ploy to get people to pick up one of his non-Dragonball comics? Maybe, it’d certainly be neat if Jaco went over well with the Dragonball crowd (assuming they don’t just complain that the short story isn’t available separately).
  • The outcomes of Showa vs. Heisei in Kamen Rider Wars is being written by fan polls. Welp, so much for any illusions of artistic integrity there.

  • Ever wonder what a Japanese anime based on a western webcomic based on a Japanese game from the 1980’s might be like? Wonder no more, as crunchyroll is now streaming Wonder Momo. It’s cool that Haruko Momoi is reprising her role as the original Wonder Momo from the game, but unfortunately (as my friend pointed out with the example of Yo-yo Girl Cop: Codename Asamiya Saki) mere role reprisals are not always a guarantee of quality. I’ll keep watching, though.


Day of the Monster, an independent movie about the aftermath of a giant monster rampage [via The Good, the Bad, and Godzilla]

The Joshizu teaser trailer [via eigapedia]

And the latest trailer for the The Next Generation: Patlabor:

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