Cool toys from WonderFest

A boatload of pictures of upcoming figurines showcased at WonderFest have begun surfacing on message boards. A lot more can be found on 2chan, 4chan, tomopop, etc, but here are a few of the highlights that really stuck out to me personally:

  • A bunch of Kill La Kill stuff was showcased, including Nendoroids of Ryuko and Mako, a figma for the transformed Ryuko, and a Real Action Heroes figure of her as well.

RAH ryuko killlakill nendoroid figma ryuko

  • These Detective Conan figmas are great. Conan himself is to be expected, but the character next to him is “the murderer”, as in the shady black figure who’s shown while Conan explains how the murder was accomplished before revealing who it actually was.


  • Nendoroid for Cardcaptor Sakura:

sakura nendoroid

  • Figma of Ghost in the Shell’s Major Kusanagi

gits figma

  • Oh, it looks like Space Dandy is getting some stuff too.
  • Lots of Sailor Moon Figuarts have been surfacing lately, so it makes sense that we’d eventually get a Tuxedo Mask.


  • I will totally buy a Figuart of The Ring‘s Sadako. It’s silly to make a figure like this for a line known for super-posability, but I never really intended to have her doing a  flying kick anyway.


  • Speaking of horror figures, Pyramid head from Silent Hill is getting figma treatment. It seems that the nurses are also coming, but no prototypes were on display.

pyramid head figma

  • A better look at Kotobukiya’s bishoujo Jason and Freddy from Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street, respectively.

freddy jason bishoujo2

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