Today’s Random Tokusatsu: Super Dimension Odyssey Tritia (2005)

Today’s selection: Super Dimension Odyssey Tritia (2005, dir. Masayoshi Shiki)

Subgenre: Magical girl

Available from: Switchblade

Short review: Groan.

Long Review: GROAAAAAAAAAN. I try to support region 1 DVD releases of tokusatsu titles, but sometimes it’s difficult. Why, you may ask? Because while titles like Garo, Sakuya, and Gehara are still in the ghetto of fansubs, something like Super Dimension Odyssey Tritia is on shelves across North America.

Don’t let the “Super Dimension” fool you, this has nothing to do with Macross, Southern Cross, or Orguss. No, this is a Zen Pictures production, and, like the others released by Switchblade in the states, it’s a cheap film with flat dialogue and terrible action choreography, where most of the budget went into getting the lead actress into a bathing suit (the remaining I assume went to renting three masks from the local drama department and getting a someone to create lens flares and CGI spaceships on a middle school computer circa 1996).

The plot is about a princess from another dimension (despite arriving in a spaceship) trying to retrieve a magic gem/sword combo, while villains (the aforementioned shoddy costumes) want to use a different magic gem. This gives the villains an excuse to tie up and torture the heroine for an uncomfortable 45% of the run time (a Zen Pictures trademark) before she thwarts them through macguffin. Mostly, the movie’s about leering shots of her thighs. So, yeah, not really my thing.

There’s a trailer for this, but you gotta have an account on Zen’s website, so I just took some screen grabs at random:

tritia 7 tritia 8 tritia 1 tritia 3 tritia 2 Potentially NSFW Imagetritia 5 tritia 6

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