Weekly news wrap-up: Kikaider Reboot edition

Movie news:

  • The most exciting piece of news from the last week is the reveal of the new Kikaider and Hakaider from Kikaider Reboot. While I think that Hakaider’s looked better (see the 1995 film), I’m pleasantly surprised with the way Kikaider himself turned out. Ban Daisuke, the original Kikaider actor, will be making an appearance in the movie as well, playing Kyujiro (which can be read as “old-Jiro”, a pun on on the protagonist’s secret identity Jiro). [via tokusatsu network]

kikaider reboot

  • Also, new Godzilla poster. Sci Fi Japan has a clean version, too.

godzilla 2014 poster

TV/OAV news:

  • An extended trailer for the Garo miniseries Zero: Black Blood, starting March 5:

  • Some commercials for AMU Plaza department stores featuring the Ultra Mother and some very fashionable aliens:

  • Blazing Transfer Student is a virtually forgotten Gainax anime (as in not even listed on Gainax’s website), based on the manga by Kazuhiko Shimamoto. The series was last released on laserdisc and never on DVD, which is why a blu-ray announcement of the 23 year-old OAV is a bit of a surprise, but it’s coming out in Japan on March 19th. It’d be cool if this inspired an official North American release, but the show’s weird parody of delinquent and boxing anime (neither very popular stateside) could prevent it from translating well. [via crunchyroll, who also have a look at Shimamoto’s Blazing Transfer Student/Kill La Kill crossover doujinshi.]

Manga news:

  • Vertical has licensed Ajin for release this fall under the title Demi-Human. The series is about human-seeming immortals who are born into society, then hunted down because of it, but everything is not quite as it seems. I’m excited that Vertical has picked this up, as it’s quite popular in Japan, but largely ignored by the scanslation community. I hope they keep the Japanese covers instead of doing their usual comics lit/hipster thing of making collages out of interior art. [via crunchyroll]

ajin     onepanman

  • The first volume of One Punch Man is now available for kindle, nook, kobo, google play, ibook, and if absolutely necessary, the Viz manga app. It’s a bummer that it’s not in print yet, but perhaps if it’s a hit digitally it’ll make the transition. The original was a webcomic, after all.
  • Rumiko Takahashi has a new Rumic World short story, titled Dinner with a Witch, scheduled to run in the March 5th issue of Big Comic Original. Did I ever mention that she’s up for the Eisner Hall of Fame Award this year? [via ann]


Toy news:

  • Looks like Godzilla’s getting Minimate treatment. [via tokunation]


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