Weekly news round-up

Movie news:

There’s a new full trailer for Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla:

Oh, wait. That’s a Snickers commercial. (I’d still totally watch that movie.) Here’s the real trailer:

In other news:

  • The Osaka police department have hired Robocop for a campaign to stop train molesters [via JDP]:

  • So, it looks like Ninja Scroll Burst is still happening
  • Sentai Filmworks have licensed Katsuhiro Otomo’s Short Peace. The Oscar nomination can’t hurt sales! [via ann]
  • Mill Creek is releasing the first eight Gamera movies on blu-ray. They won’t have the special features from the Shout Factory DVDs, so caveat emptor. [via Sci Fi Japan]
  • Kino Lorber has licensed Tartan’s Asia Extreme line! Hopefully some long out-of-print titles get re-issued (just when I was contemplating importing the Tetsuo 2: Body Hammer blu-ray…). [via crunchyroll]
  • There are rumors of Sony’s Godzilla titles being reissued on blu-ray, so maybe hold off on importing the Australian releases if you haven’t yet. Nothing’s confirmed, so remain skeptical, my friends. [via The Good the Bad and Godzilla]
  • Here’s a trailer for Hideo Nakata’s Monsterz, a remake of the 2010 Korean movie Haunters. It hits Japanese theaters May 30.

TV news:

  • A Super Sentai spoof titled Kampai Senshi After V (Cheers Warriors After Five), about heroes during their time off, will start on Japanese TV on April 7th. [via tokunation]


  • An hour-long crossover between Kamen Rider Gaim and Ressha Sentai ToQger will air during the Super Hero Time block on March 30th. While this is technically the first time that a crossover Sentai/Rider special has premiered on TV, the Shinkenger-meets-Decade episodes came pretty close. [via the tokusatsu network]
  • The latest trailer for Knights of Sidonia reveals how CGI it’s going to be. Not a surprise, since the studio also made Tron Uprising, Transformers Prime, and Star Wars Clone Wars. [via ann]

  • Discotek has posted the first 12 minutes of their Mazinger Z sub:

Manga news:

  • A new Eat-man series will be running in Shonen Sirius. I assume Viz won’t be releasing this one, since they stopped after two volumes of the original 16 years ago. [via ann]
  • Not manga per se, but I can’t help but notice that IDW’s upcoming Cartoon Network crossover comic Super Secret Crisis War features Samurai Jack, the Powerpuff Girls, and Ben 10, who are all quite anime/manga/tokusatsu-inspired. All it needs is Megas XLR, Symbionic Titan, Generator Rex, and Puffy AmiYumi! (Note: we probably won’t see any of those in the comic.) [via comics alliance]


Video game news:

  • The original Super Famicom RPG Shin Megami Tensei will finally be released in English on March 18th. Sadly, it’ll only be on iOS; here’s hoping it expands to some other platforms soon after.

Toy news:

  • Apparently a Gouraigan arm is being added to Bandai’s Makai Kadou series of Garo toys, which is a little odd since all they have in common is the designer. Hey, think this could get us new toys of Iria, Swordguy, and Moon over Tao? Anyway, Gou is going to be a web-shop exclusive, for 6264 yen. [via hju]

shougeki gou

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