Weekly news summary (Lots of Ultraman stuff edition)

Wow, a lot of Ultraman-related stuff has come out in the last week:

  • Tsuburaya registered a trademark for something called Ultraman Victory. [via The Tokusatsu Network]
  • An Ultraman-themed bar called Kaiju Sakaba opened in Kawasaki.
  • The Ultra Family have also been promoting Hawaiian tourism:

  • The manga Ultraman: The Ultra Power has been banned in Malaysia for “irresponsible use of the word ‘Allah'”. [via The Guardian]
  • Monthly Hero‘s magazine has started motion comics of their Ultraman manga:

So, what else is new? Well…

  • Ochiai Masayuki (of InfectionParasite Eve, and The Hypnotist) has been chosen to direct the next Ju-On movie, Ju-on: Owari no Hajimari (“The Grudge: The Beginning of the End”). [via twitch]
  • Viz has licensed the 2012 Shonen Jump manga Assassination Classroom, about a group of students trying to kill their alien octopus teacher. It’s crazy popular in Japan, is on the fast-track to getting anime treatment, and could conceivably become a big hit stateside if marketed properly. Also, it looks like they’re doing a print release for Jaco the Galaxy Patrolman, which makes sense if only to rake in the Dragonball money. [via ANN]

assassination classroom

  • The spring 2014 anime Majin Bone (based on the card game) looks quite henshin-ish.

  • Toys R Us screwed up and released the toys for the upcoming Legendary Pictures Godzilla early, giving us a first look at the enemy kaiju Muto from the film. [via kaijubattle]


  •  Neca is doing a new Gypsy Danger figure to make up for the flaws in their first wave. It comes with a boat sword.

Gypsy Danger 2


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