News Round-up

  • The next issue of Newtype the Live seems to be promoting a new Gamera movie, just in time for the franchise’s 50th anniversary. Since there hasn’t been a great non-deconstructionist/parody kaiju picture from Japan since the last Gamera film, this is really exciting. [via ann]
  • Ooh, this looks neat! As a collector of monster manuals, I’m pretty sure that there aren’t any comprehensive guides to Toho’s kaiju… but this looks like a good start. Shogakukan’s 東宝特撮全怪獣図鑑 (Toho Special Effects All Monster Picture Book) is due in July, and features 208 pages of 900 monsters. I spy Megaloman, Guyferd, Zone Fighter, Gransazer, and Diamond Eye on the cover, so it looks like this could be the best book for covering Toho’s hero shows outside of the books dedicated to individual heroes, which is nice considering that the Toho movie line-up has been covered rather exhaustively. I imagine that this book probably won’t touch on manga, cartoons, or video games, however, so a complete Toho bestiary remains elusive. [via kaiju battle]


  • The teaser for Masayuki Ochiai’s Ju-On: Beginning of the End mostly just talks about how the franchise outranks Paranormal Activity, One Missed Call, Saw, and Ring in Japan.

  • Gkids will be releasing Ghibli’s Tale of Princess Kaguya movie in the US. Hopefully it gets wider release treatment than A Letter to Momo or Summer Days with Coo did. [via ann]
  • Speaking of Ghibli, Viz will be releasing Hayao Miyazaki’s 1980 story Princess Mononoke, on which the movie was based. The design looks strikingly Totoro-ish, no? [via crunchyroll]


  • Our first look at the upcoming Sailor Moon Crystal was leaked to the internet over a week early! It’s been delayed countless times, so it’s interesting to finally see just how, well, conventional the style is. [via crunchyroll]

sailor moon crystal

  • A trailer for Kampai Senshi After V, the heroes-as-after-work-salary-men show which starts in April. Honestly, I’m wondering if the gag will get old when the premise is stretched over multiple episodes. [via orendsrange]

  • A trailer for the quickly upcoming youtube series Enormous, based on the Image comic. While I didn’t care much for the comic, the adaptation is cowritten by the director of Troll Hunter, which makes it pretty intriguing. [via undead backbrain]

  • A Japanese commercial for the American tactical battle game Chroma Squad, about managing a sentai studio. The game will hit Steam later this year.

  • Ultraman Neos has popped up in a Chinese State Farm commercial. [via tokusatsu network]

  • According to Neca’s twitter, the next two Pacific Rim kaiju for their fourth wave of toys will be Axehead and Scunner. At this point it seems like they’re just actively avoiding the monsters with the most screen time. [via kaiju battle]
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