News wrap: March 30

Here’s a look at what all was announced/advertised over the most recent week. Let’s start with trailers:

  • The biggest thing has to be the announcement of a new Macross TV series, seeing as how it’s not an anniversary divisible by five. The advertisement gave no details, but I think it’s safe to assume there’ll be spaceships, transforming plane robots, singing, and love triangles.

  • Next on the trailer watch is the full trailer for Kikaider Reboot. While Kikaider looks great, I think that his alter-ego Jiro seems a little Smallville-ish in his red leather jacket. At least the guitar’s still there.

  • A trailer for Tokyo Ghoul, an upcoming anime based on the popular horror manga in Young Jump.

  • A trailer for the upcoming anime series Kindaichi Case Files Returns, based on the sequel to the original Kindaichi Case Files manga. It’s about the detective grandson of Kosuke Kindaichi (from Seishi Yokomizo’s mystery novels, which inspired films like The Vampire MothThe Ghost Man, and The Inugamis), solving cases that initially appear to be paranormal. It’s like Scooby Doo, but with more murder and fewer talking animals.

  • The full trailer for The Edge of Tomorrow, the American-made movie adaptation of All You Need is Kill.

  • Michael Bay’s take on Ninja Turtles appears to be channeling Christopher Nolan.

  • Finally, Crayon Shin-chan‘s dog is going to have a Space Sheriff parody episode on April 11. [via hju]

Other stuff:

  • Ultraman Victory has been revealed… in sillouete form, anyway, as is the custom. [via hju]

ultraman victory1

  • The Tokusatsu Network has a great look at some of the artwork at Anime Tokyo 2014 for the upcoming Garo anime, The Carved Seal of Flames. I hope it’s not too motion-comic-y, like G-9 was.

garo seal of flames

  • The third issue of Anime Business has a cover featuring the robots from Astro Boy as drawn by Katsuhiro Otomo. The covers of this magazine seem to be getting better and better; I wonder if they could just do a full-on art book in a few years. [via comics alliance]


  • The Californian stage-show henshin hero Fujiyama Ichiban has a movie filming.

fujiyama ichiban movie

  • The 2014 Godzilla prequel graphic novel Godzilla Awakening has unveiled cover art by Art Adams.

godzilla awakening

  • The Figuarts for Ring‘s Sadako appears to be much more articulated than first glance, and it comes with some fun props (TV, video tape). The 140 mm toy will go for 4536 yen.


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