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Much busier news week (with lots of toy announcements!)

After several slow news weeks, the flood gates opened with a swarm of cool announcements. Movie news: Jellyfish Eyes, Takashi Murakami’s buddy-monster movie for kids is getting a limited American theatrical run in Dallas, Boston, Seattle, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, … Continue reading

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Maser Patrol podcast episode 11: What we’ve been watching (Winter 2014 TV recap)

For this episode, Kevin and Josh chat about Kill La Kill, Samurai Flamenco (spoilers from 25:00-29:00), Space Dandy, Nobunagun, Noragami, and other stuff from the Winter 2013 TV season, mostly anime-based. Then we do the typical overview of the new … Continue reading

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News & trailers for week of April 20th

That time of the week again! Trailers: Stand By Me Doraemon is the first time Doraemon has been done in a CGI movie. More and more classic anime characters are making the transition (lately Captain Harlock, Cyborg 009, and Saint … Continue reading

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Another slow news week

Not a lot of interesting new stuff this week, but a few tidbits: In a move so logical and obvious that I thought it’d never happen, Attack on Titan will air on Toonami starting May 3. Then again, the last … Continue reading

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30+ potentially interesting Japanese special effects movies that have never been translated into English

As a long-time fan, I marvel at what an amazing selection of tokusatsu movies have become available to English speakers in recent years. A decade ago, I assumed that some titles would simply never be translated, but now we have … Continue reading

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Weekly news: First week in April edition

It’s been a slow week for news: a Kikaider Reboot poster here, a Next Generation Patlabor trailer there, several TV spots for Godzilla, but not a whole lot super exciting. Perhaps this is because of the wealth of disinformation disseminated every … Continue reading

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