Weekly news: First week in April edition

It’s been a slow week for news: a Kikaider Reboot poster here, a Next Generation Patlabor trailer there, several TV spots for Godzilla, but not a whole lot super exciting. Perhaps this is because of the wealth of disinformation disseminated every April 1st, leading everyone to be skeptical of the news – while crazier things have happened (Daimajin Kanon was announced on an April Fool’s Day), everyone took Crunchyroll’s announcement of the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure license as some sort of misguided attempt at humor (hey, it took a while to get the show, but at least they have the Blu Ray versions, right?).

Anyway, that has me thinking, what is worthy of mention? Here’s a few tidbits:

  • Studio Trigger will be animating the upcoming anime Ninja Slayer. It’s based on a series of Japanese light novels that claim to have been written by an American duo inspired by Japanese pop culture. However, that’s some sort of ruse on the Japanese publisher’s part; in fact the product is written by a Japanese duo emulating the style of Americans emulating Japanese (does that make your head hurt?). Below is an ad for the novels. [via crunchyroll]

  • The demon-handed teacher of Jigoku Sensei Nube (which ran in Shonen Jump from 1993-1999) is getting a new series in Grand Jump Premium. I thought it was a little odd that he showed up in the latest Jump-based fighting game, so that might have been preemptive. [via ANN]
  • The San Francisco International Airport has an exhibit on Japanese toys until mid-May. [via CNN]
  • Anime Jungle in Los Angeles is hosting a Godzilla vs. Biollante screening May 3 with SFX wiz Koichi Kawakita in attendance. If that wasn’t incentive to go, Kawakita will also be screening his kaiju short God of Clay, not available on any form of home video. [via SciFi Japan]
  • There’s a new manga based on Tsuburaya’s second-most-popular kaiju character from 1966, Booska. This series, Booska Plus, is running in Monthly Hero’s along with the Ultraman manga, and features some unexpected henshin sequences.


So, uh, that’s it for this week, so far as I know. There’s not a lot of news, but it’s a fine time to check out some of the season’s new shows.

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