Another slow news week

Not a lot of interesting new stuff this week, but a few tidbits:

  • In a move so logical and obvious that I thought it’d never happen, Attack on Titan will air on Toonami starting May 3. Then again, the last few late-night anime no-brainers (e.g. Madoka Magica, Tiger & Bunny) have been handled by companies that are moving away from Cartoon Network, while AoT’s Funimation has been quite friendly to them.

  • A better look has been revealed for Ultraman Victory, from the upcoming 16-episode Ultraman Ginga S, also recently revealed to be directed by Koichi Sakamoto. It appears that the first season of Ginga must’ve done pretty well, since Tsuburaya seem to be upping the production values, if only a little. [via HJU]


  • Images are out for Ryuhei Kitamura’s live-action movie version of Lupin III. Well, they look more accurate than the ones from the 1970s. I still have to wonder how Kitamura’s style will work with the characters. [via jefusion]

lupan the live

  • Norio Tsuruta (Ring 0) will be directing a movie and DVD series based on Koji Aihara’s zombie manga Z (not to be confused with World War Z, or Magazine Z, or Dragonball/Mazinger/Nuigulumar/etc.) [via ANN]
  • Gurren Lagann is getting a stage play. Did not see that coming. [via crunchyroll]

That’s it. I told you it was a slow week for Japanese SF news.

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