Much busier news week (with lots of toy announcements!)

After several slow news weeks, the flood gates opened with a swarm of cool announcements.

Movie news:

  • Jellyfish Eyes, Takashi Murakami’s buddy-monster movie for kids is getting a limited American theatrical run in Dallas, Boston, Seattle, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, touring May 1-June 5. Hopefully this bodes well for some sort of home video release in the future! [via Vanity Fair]

  • If the screening of God of Clay (for the second time ever) at the Koichi Kawakita appearance/Godzilla vs. Biollante event at Anime Jungle May 3rd in Los Angeles was somehow not enough cause to get excited, Mark Jaramillo will also be there to give a presentation with footage on obscure Japanese kaiju fan-films. I wish I could be there to see the presentation about Gamera 4, Matango 2, Atragon 2Resurrection of Daimajin and more; Jaramillo’s efforts to uncover The Wolf Man vs. Godzilla have been remarkable. [via SciFi Japan’s facebook and The Kaijucast]

kaiju fanfilms

  • A trailer has hit for Ryuhei Kitamura’s Lupin III movie, which opens in Japan August 30th.

TV news:

  • To promote the upcoming Kikaider Reboot, Kikaider and Hakaider will be showing up in Kamen Rider Gaim next month. Jeeze, didn’t Gaim just have a crossover with ToQger? [via tokunation]


  • Masaaki Yuasa, director of Kick Heart and Ping Pong the Animation, is set to write and direct an upcoming episode of the popular American cartoon Adventure Time, titled “Food Chain”. His style fits the show pretty well!

  • The Chinese henshin hero show Armor Hero XT is getting an Englished dubbed version on its official youtube channel. This follows the completed dub of the original Armor Hero. [via tokusatsu network]

Toy news:

  • Takara Tomy is planning an Optimus Prime/Convoy from Transformers with the Evangelion Unit 1 color scheme. Not quite as out there as the Jet Jaguar in Evangelion colors was. [via ANN]


  • While it seemed like an obvious fit, Kamen Rider Shin has never been done in SIC form until now. I’m surprised that the final product actually looks a bit lackluster. In other SIC news, their Kamen Rider Wizard (flame form) looks pretty nice. Maybe they’re banking on that one selling a lot better? Both will retail for about 6000 yen, more pictures at HJU here and here.

SIC Shin Kamen RiderSIC Kamen Rider Wizard flame

  • On the Figuarts front, Hakaider and Kikaider are getting the treatment. [via HJU]


  • Also a webshop exclusive, two new sets for the MonsterArts line have been announced: Godzilla Effects Set 2 and Special Weapons set 2. As far as I understand, the Effects set has two beam weapons, the weapons set has Super X-3 with several tanks and helicopters, and both have wrecked buildings. Preorder soon, because the first sets went for a lot on the aftermarket (unless, hopefully, Bluefin picks these up as well)! [via kaiju battle]

Monsterarts effect sets Super XIII

  • I’d never even heard of Ninja Slayer before the anime was announced, but now there’s a figma up for preorder.

ninja slayer figma

  • Remember the figure of the manga Ultraman? Well, they’re being bundled with preorders of the manga’s fifth volume for 1900 yen.

ultraman manga vol 5 figure

  •  Ultraman is also at McDonalds right now in Japan. Or Aikatsu, for the less-Ultra-inclined.

ultraman japanese mcdonalds

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