Maser Patrol podcast episode 13: Godzilla in the 1970’s

For the second (maybe third) part of our Godzilla podcast retrospective, we look at Godzilla and Toho’s SF/fantasy/horror output in the 1970’s, or rather 1969 (All Monsters Attack) through 1979 (A Space Godzilla). This is a period that many Godzilla fans would rather forget, but as consummate kaiju eiga hipsters, we absolutely love the crazy, childish, psychedelic superhero take on the king of the monsters.

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  • It was sort of late when this was recorded, so mental dyslexia caused me to accidentally say that Ultraman comes from Nebula M66 instead of M78. Hey, it wouldn’t be a show without a slip-up, right?
  • Seriously, anyone know anything about Marusan’s King Godzilla?
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