Weekly news recap: Kaiju and heroes and ghosts, oh my!

So, Godzilla did quite well at the box office last week. The $196,200,000 opening weekend ensured a sequel, a prospect which I’ve got no complaints about (then again, I also wanted a sequel to the 1998 film). Gareth Edwards is also continuing his ascent to hot director status, as he’s now attached to an upcoming Star Wars movie. Less sure about that one. Anyway, here’s some of the cool stuff to pop up online in the past week:

  • Starting again on the Godzilla front, last week I failed to notice the Godzilla musical tie-in. Is there a kaiju-related variant of the “shut up and take my money” meme?

  • Speaking of things I’m slowpoking on, I didn’t even know that School of Ghosts was getting a reboot until today, when it hit Japanese theaters. The movie Gakkou no Kaidan: Noroi no Kotodama would literally translate to “School of Ghosts: Spiritual Words of Curse” (okay, maybe, sort of, it’s not one-to-one), but I’m not sure what the official English title will be. Fittingly, it’s from the same director as the upcoming Ju-On flick, since Ju-On sort of spun off of School of Ghosts.

  • The first teaser for Disney’s adaptation of Marvel’s Japanese-inspired Big Hero Six certainly looks a little different from the comic:

  • Netflix has announced that it will begin streaming Shinji Aramaki’s Harlock: Space Pirate starting August 1. Granted, I haven’t heard great things about the film, but I’m surprised it’s going straight to Netflix, and I sort of wonder what implications that has for future home video release.

  • Hero Mask‘s Ririko has made it into posters for an anti-shoplifting campaign in Japanese bookstores and police stations. This seems weirdly high-impact for a secondary character from a series that’s not been adapted into an anime or in a super widely-distributed magazine. [via ANN]

hero mask shoplifting

  • It seems Shinpei Hayashiya has been added to the roster of guests for G-Fest this year. A little odd, since neither of his kaiju movies have had an English release (I’d still like to ask him about the strange creative differences between Reigo and Raiga), but I suspect that this means some possible light will be shed on his Godzilla and Gamera fan films, as well. [via Scifi Japan’s facebook page]

  • NHK’s mascot Domo-kun is going to be teaming up with the Ghostbusters franchise for the film’s 30th anniversary. [via ANN]


  • A trademark has been filed for “Kamen Rider Drive”, indicating that that’s probably what the next series will be called. Questions of whether this will be an automobile-themed Rider, completely forgoing the motorcycle motif, are regrettably justifiable.  [via ANN]
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