News recap: Miscellaneous minutia

I didn’t notice any super-exciting stories relating to Japanese-ish genre fiction in the past week, but there were a handful of tidbits worth sharing. Let’s begin with an assortment of videos:

  • Starting things off, here’s a trailer for this year’s Kamen Rider/Super Sentai summer double feature, specifically Kamen Rider Gaim the Movie: The Great Soccer Battle! The Golden Fruit Cup Struggle! and Ressha Sentai TōQGer The Movie: Galaxy Line SOS. They hit Japanese theaters July 19.

  • Apparently Tak Sakaguchi is coming out of retirement for a project called Re:Born, directed by Death Trance‘s Yuji Shinomura.


  • The California-grown henshin hero Fujiyama Ichiban is having a movie event June 8th in LA:

  • Also making the rounds is a behind-the-scenes video for an internationally-produced Ghost in the Shell fan film. (Nudity warning):


  • Looking for something to crowd-fund? Consider the German sci-fi movie (filmed in Japanese and English) Fonotune: An Electric Fairy Tale, if for no other reason than that it’s starring Seiji of Guitar Wolf. Their Kickstarter page has a video with more information.


  • Aniplex posted a trailer for their dubbed version of Kill La Kill. Their first volume, with four episodes, will go on sale July 15th, with a $30 DVD, $40 BD, or $75 deluxe combo. Despite the show’s popularity, I assume that the easy access to streams and low episode count will result in most fans waiting for a complete box set.

  • Speaking of dubs, Sentai Filmworks has a preview of their Majestic Prince dub, coming July 15th. Since the Japanese version of the show had several Super Sentai alums in the cast, I wonder if they considered transitioning the meta-joke by hiring ex- Power Rangers actors?

Other than those videos…

  • Celebrated mangaka Naoki Urasawa drew some Godzilla fanart. This isn’t a huge surprise considering the Godzilla references in 20th Century Boys and his manga short Kaiju Okoku. [via crunchyroll]

naoki urasawa godzilla

  • The 3rd episode of the live-action The Next Generation: Patlabor also appears to be kaiju-centric, with some sort of mecha-kappa. I’ve heard some complaints about this, which I fail to comprehend considering that every other Patlabor property (OVAs, movies, TV, and manga) has had a kaiju episode.

patlabor live 3

  • Migi, the alien-possessed sentient hand from Hitoshi Iwaaki’s Parasyte is getting a plush doll. For a collector of bizarre and uncharacteristic plushies, this is fantastic news; I look forward to adding it next to the King Ghidorah Beanie Baby and chibi Berserk characters. Preorders are up for 2484 yen and release in August.

migi plush

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