Weekly news recap: All you Need is Edge

Edge of Tomorrow came out this weekend, and it was pretty great. There were a handful of flaws, sure, but Hollywood has certainly done much worse recently when adapting Japanese literature (47 Ronin). I’m glad to say that this version retains the spirit, if not the letter, of Sakurazaka’s novel, even expanding upon it in cool new ways. TLDR: Go see it if you get a chance.

On to the news:

  • The big thing this week is, finally, a trailer for Sailor Moon Crystal. The transition to digital animation is conspicuous, but it doesn’t necessarily feel wrong, at least for Sailor Moon casuals such as myself.

  • Other promos include Space Dandy season 2, starting July 5 on [adult swim]:

  • A new trailer for Tokyo Ghoul, which starts July 3 in Japan:

  • And a trailer for the third volume of The Next Generation- Patlabor, containing episodes 4 and 5. As mentioned last week, the Mamoru Oshii-directed fifth episode will be kaiju-centric. These come to Japanese theaters July 12th.

  • Hot on the heels of the manga revival, Shonen Jump’s Hell Teacher Nube is rumored to be getting a live-action drama. Hopefully they do it justice; I was a little underwhelmed with the Kamen Teacher adaptation (related only in that both involve transforming hero school teachers duking it out). [via ANN]
  • Shinsuke Sato (Princess BladeGantz, Library Wars) will be adapting Kengo Hanazawa’s zombie apocalypse manga I Am A Hero into a movie next year. Makoto Kamiya (Giant Monsters All Out Attack, Gantz) is on special effects. The manga is quite well-regarded, but the relative dilution of the Gantz movies may keep expectations in check. [via crunchyroll]
  • DMP has another Kickstarter campaign up for another Osamu Tezuka manga. This time it’s Captain Ken, a shonen sci-fi/western/adventure from 1960. I hope they actually use some of the Japanese cover art this time; maybe as a reversible jacket?

captain ken

  • SciFi Japan has a nifty article on Godzilla Reborn, the cancelled American-made sequel to Godzilla 2000. Joe Dante was attached, which would have probably been pretty awesome given his other monster movie output, and on a personal note, I wish I’d asked him about this project when I got to meet him a couple years ago.

filwc shiyo

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