News recap: Discotek rescues a lot

Not a lot of stories in the world of Japanese-ish SF/fantasy/horror this week, but the ones that happened are worth getting excited about:

  • The most exciting thing to hit this week was the first trailer for Garo: The Seal of Carved Flames, the upcoming anime from writer Yasuko Kobayashi (yay) and director Yuichiro Hayashi (eh… not so much). [via tokusatsu network]

garo seal of carved flames poster

  • Also notable, news that Koichi Sakamoto is directing a 50-episode Korean hero show called Gunblade (I presume this means that the program can be wielded by FF8‘s Squall). The other familiar name in the credits is Kia Asamiya, on the armor/creature designs. There’s already talk of bringing the series to the US, though in what form that would be is unclear. Korean dramas do get a lot of play on hulu, after all. More information is on the Gunblade facebook page.

  • Apparently, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders is going to be a year-long four-cour show. I’m a little wary of this, since that means covering roughly the same amount of manga as the previous series in twice the time, so hopefully the pacing doesn’t suffer. The 13-episode adaptation of the same material was definitely too compressed, but we’ll have to see how it holds up across four times that many episodes. [via crunchyroll]
  • Clamp is reviving their parallel world crossover manga Tsubasa, which ended in 2009. The series will begin running in Magazine Special on August 20th, so get ready to petition them to actually wrap up X 1999 in the story this time…. [via ANN]
  • Yukito Ayatsuji is working on Another 2, sequel to the curse-horror novel Another. The book will take place in 2001, and is already confusing given that Another already has a sequel called Another S (not to be confused with S, the Ring sequel by Koji Suzuki). [via ANN]
  • Apparently the sixth live-action Resident Evil movie is tentatively titled Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. This implies finality in my mind as much as the title of the fourth Friday the 13th movie, but if the franchise actually does wrap up, it’s likely to go out on a high note: like the Star Trek films, they seem to be following an “even numbered ones are good” pattern. [via collider]
  • The Powerpuff Girls is getting a new TV series in 2016. No word yet on who is attached, but it’s hard not to see the recent CGI special as a dry-run. [via Variety]
  • The folks at Discotek Media have announced a ton more licenses for anime series (sadly no movies or live-action stuff), the most exciting of which are:
    Shin Mazinger Z Impact, Yasuhiro Imagawa’s 2009 remake of the original super robot anime. This show has been pretty much begging for a licensed release for years, and it works well for relative newby or hardcore Go Nagai aficionado alike. (I think. Actually, I know few people aside from myself in person who like it.)

    Super Dimension Century Orguss, the third installment in the Super Dimension franchise after Macross and Southern Cross. Oddly enough, the sequel Orguss 02 has been much easier to get ahold of in the US, but Discotek will also be including the 17 English dubbed episodes that were previously on VHS here in their 35-episode set.

    Flame of Recca, which is sort of Shonen Sunday‘s magic ninja tournament battle version of Yu Yu Hakusho with a hint of Saint Seiya. It’s quite good, though the anime doesn’t resolve the story so the viewer has to either play the video game or track down the manga at the end.

    They also licensed Zombie Loan, based on Peach Pit’s manga, and Ceres, Celestial Legend. I haven’t seen either, so it’s hard to comment.
  • The SDCC exclusive Figuarts this year is a repaint, but one that tickles all of the obsessive fan sensibilities: Vegeta as he originally appeared in the Dragonball Z anime. Since this coloring is generally considered a mistake (in fact, Dragonball Kai did away with it via retcon), I’m quite pleased that someone remembered this bit of obscurity and decided that it was worth merchandising.

SCDD Vegeta

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