News recap: Pacific Rim sequel etc

Another weekend, another summary of the most interesting stories in the world of Japanese/Japanese-ish robots and monsters! The big story this week? Guillermo del Toro announced more Pacific Rim comics, an animated series, and a sequel movie:

Variety is reporting a release date of April 7, 2017 for the film, but considering the many projects del Toro is habitually involved with, I wouldn’t hold him to it. I hope that the animated series turns out as well as the Hellboy OVAs, which were wonderful but sadly didn’t sell well enough to actually produce the installment previewed at the end of the second one.

Other news:

  • Pachinko aside, I don’t believe there’s been a proper Japanese Godzilla video game since the 1990s. Thus, it’s intriguing that Bandai Namco Games put out the following trailer for a Godzilla PS3 release, featuring Heisei Godzilla and the Legendary Godzilla, and there’s a blink-and-miss-it obscured shot of Kiryu circulating as well (it’s sort of like looking for grainy footage of bigfoot). Granted, there is a long and proud history of terrible Godzilla games, but I’m still keen to check this out, and will be especially sold if there are any original monsters.

  • The latest trailer for Ryuhei Kitamura’s Lupin III seems up to his usual kinetic standards. This film does seem to be a return to his previous action forte, so I wonder if Kitamura’s leaving the world of Hollywood horror behind.

  • A trailer for Norio Tsuruta’s adaptation of Koji Aihara’s zombie manga Z, which looks equal parts bloody and cheap:

  • A teaser for the high-school-haunting Fatal Frame movie, coming to Japan September 26th. I guess I should play those games.

  • Speaking of video game adaptations, Crackle is working on an original movie adaptation of the Dead Rising zombie games (not to be confused with the 2010 Japanese movie version). While I’ve never seen anything that Crackle has produced themselves, I do admire the streaming service for an excellent selection of Japanese cult titles, so this is intriguing. [via ANN]
  • Here’s a trailer for the upcoming mecha anime Aldnoah Zero, set in an alternate-history Earth vs. Mars war. Gen Urobuchi is writing, for what that’s worth, and it starts July 5th.

  • The first images are out from Takashi Yamazaki’s live-action Parasyte movies. They’re not particularly exciting, but the main character does look the part. [via crunchyroll]

kiseiju first shot

  • Apparently, a live-action version of the Shonen Jump alien octopus monster-teacher manga Assassination Classroom is in development for 2015, along with the recently-announced anime picking up when Dragonball Kai ends. I’m not sure how well Korosensei will work in live-action, seeing as how his cartoonish smiley look is part of the overall aesthetic. [via crunchyroll]
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