Weekly news recap: A whole lotta licensing

A whole bunch of neat stuff got licensed for distribution in the US over the past week, particularly when it comes to anime and manga of the 1960s. For the readers who aren’t in the States (honestly, I have no idea about demographics here), let’s start with stuff that’s not about that:

  • A new trailer is out for Takeshi Koike’s Lupin III movie, Daisuke Jigen’s Tombstone. As expected from Koike, there’s slick animation and a car chase.

  • Urusei Yatsura‘s Lum has been part of an advertising campaign for the energy drink Regain:

Without further ado, let’s get to the licensing announcements:

  • Viz has announced that they’ll be printing the second arc of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Battle Tendency, in March once Phantom Blood is finished. If nothing else, that means there will at least be the first three arcs in the manga continuously available. [via ANN]
  • Dark Horse will be printing the absolutely filthy Panty & Stocking manga tie-in. Also: A Satoshi Kon art book. [via ANN]
  • DC will be printing Jiro Kuwata’s 1966 Batman manga, after a digital-first run that begins this Saturday. Unlike the Bat-Manga collection by Chip Kidd, this will have the complete stories with clean art, so as to not look like scans from a 50 year-old cheap comic paper. [via ComicsAlliance]
  • Crunchyroll has picked up digital manga distro of Takao Saito’s Shadowman and Barom-1. These late 1960s superhero manga were previously available on JManga before that site collapsed, but crunchyroll should provide a relatively more stable home for them.
  • Anime Sols has picked up streaming for Tezuka’s Amazing Three and Dororo, as well as Tatsunoko’s Toshi Gordian. Amazing Three (1967) is about a group of space aliens on a mission to investigate Earth, taking the form of a rabbit, duck, and horse to live with a young boy and his super-spy older brother.

    Dororo (1969) is about Hyakkimaru, a samurai whose various body parts were stolen from him as a baby by 48 demons, so he becomes a cyborg and hunts them down (e.g., kill the demon who took his left eye, he gets his left eye back), also he has a sidekick named Dororo.

    Gordian (1979) I must confess I’ve never seen, but it’s a giant robot show set in a post-apocalyptic future.

    In addition to all of these, Anime Sols will also be doing a crowdsourcing for DVD boxes of the new Kindaichi Case Files series. It’s really good to see the company still plugging along with these efforts.
  • Good news: Shinpei Hayashiya’s kaiju movie Deep Sea Monster Raiga is getting an official US DVD release with English subtitles. Bad news: There’re only 20 copies being printed, and they’ll only be offered at this year’s G-Fest in Chicago next weekend. In light of this, I still can’t really fault anyone for watching the fansubbed version instead of dueling other hardcore collectors for the official release. Also, as I’ve previously stated, it’s a pretty bad film. [via SciFi Japan’s facebook page]

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