Maser Patrol podcast episode 15: Anime 101 presentation for Star Clipper’s Comics University

A sort of unusual episode here: Star Clipper in St. Louis runs a weekly seminar series in the summertime under the moniker Comics University. I was invited to give a presentation on the history of anime and manga, which, as you can imagine, is a pretty big field. Anyway, I put together a 2-hour presentation and delivered it with some success, and afterwards I got a handful of requests to put my slides online. So, here they are, along with a somewhat briefer version of the talk (admittedly less energetic and informative than the live version was; standing in front of a crowd gets the adrenaline going better than sitting on the couch talking into a mic).

Apologies if this is less focused and less witty than the usual discussion episodes; the next one should return to the multiple-host format!

Direct download

Lecture slides

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