News roundup: Early due to G-Fest edition

The world’s largest Godzilla convention is this weekend, and the Maser Patrol crew is on site! Because of this, the news will be coming a little off from its normal weekly posting.

Anyway, here’re a few neat stories:

  • A second wave of Godzilla blu-rays has been announced from Sony. The highlights are the release of the Japanese cut of Godzilla 2000 and Mothra 3, which have never been available on American home video before. After that, it’s great to have the other two Mothra trilogy films subtitled, and (pleasepleaseplease) there has been some clamoring about finally getting accurate subtitles on Giant Monsters All-Out Attack. Time will have to tell in regards to the last one… [via SciFi Japan]

Sony Godzilla BD Wave 2

  • Big Comic Original will be printing a Godzilla tribute issue, with contributing artists including Naoki Urasawa and Rumiko Takahashi (and also the people behind titles like Moldiver and Black Jack Alive). If you know this ‘blog, you might have noticed that Urasawa, Takahashi, and Godzilla are subjects we’re more than a little excited about. I wonder about the logistics of importing specific issues of manga anthologies? [via crunchyroll]

bigcomicoriginal Godzilla issue

  • The teaser for Ninja Slayer is long, but doesn’t really have any animation in it:

  • A somewhat amusing tokusatsu-style Doctor Who fanfilm has surfaced online; and far too many people are convinced that it’s real. Much like how Italian Spider-man isn’t actually Italian, this was made by a Brit:

  • In really old anime news, Magic Boy (Shonen Sarutobi Sasuke) is now available through the Warner Archive. From 1959, this was the second anime movie in color.

  • NISA will be releasing the Nyaruko-san W as Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! Second Season. It’s not much of a surprise that they’re releasing the second series, since they brought over the first one, and also not much of a surprise that they changed the name to eliminate the Kamen Rider connection. [via ANN]
  • Vertical will be releasing Satoshi Kon’s short story anthology Dream Fossil.  I guess Tropic of the Sea went over well. [via crunchyroll]
  • A look at the manga Ultraman figure bundled with volume 5. [via Heros’ twitter]


  • Yes Anime will be releasing five types of plush dolls featuring the cast of Tiger & Bunny… as alpacas. I for one think this is quite progressive of them; the south american camelids have for too long had negative roles in fiction (e.g. Akibaranger), so it’s about time they had some superhero role models as well. [via tomopop]

T&B alpacas

That’s it for the moment, but more cool stories may come later. I guess say hi to us if you’re also wandering around the con!

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