Extra special mid-week news roundup (even more Godzilla stuff edition)

Some G-Fest XXI coverage is on its way (we’re still deciding on if a written report or a podcast would be better; any opinions?), though I’ll probably still refer those who’ve never been back to the G-Fest XVIII coverage I did years ago for a flavor of the convention.

With Godzilla still in mind, there’ve been a bunch of stories about the King of the Monsters within the past couple of days:

  • Rifftrax successfully Kickstarted a campaign to play Godzilla ’98 in theaters across America.
  • Ginza Tanaka is marketing a solid 15 kg, 24 karat gold Godzilla figure for 50 million yen. [via ANN]


  • A 1/7 scale Godzilla statue is going up in Tokyo Midtown Green and Park. [via kotaku]

tokyo park godzilla

  • The trailer for episode 6 of The Next Generation Patlabor features a parody of the Mothra song. The whole episode is an homage to kaiju films (as Patlabor is wont to do), so this is little surprise. This show has been largely ignored by western fandom thus far (perhaps due to it being a sequel to 1980s anime), but what has come out has been really great.

  • Lastly, How It Should Have Ended posted the following video:

In non-Godzilla stories:

  • The trailer for Takeshi Yamazaki’s live-action Parasyte movies has me sold:

  • Rightstuf is listing 009-1: The End of the Beginning as coming out on Region 1 DVD from Media Blasters on October 28 for $19.98 MSRP. I’m keen to catch this Koichi Sakamoto adaptation of Shotaro Ishinomori’s comic, but it’s always good to keep Media Blaster’s delays in mind… I’m still eagerly waiting for Eko Eko Azarak: The First Episode of Misa Kuroi to actually hit DVD.

  • Big Hero Six is getting a manga adaptation in Shonen Magazine and Magazine Special prior to the new movie. It’s weird to see an American comic inspired by manga actually becoming one (even if through a Disney filter of separation); I wonder if it’ll be as far from the source material as, e.g., the Ninja Turtles manga. [via ANN]


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