Weekly news round-up: “Not much to report” edition

I haven’t seen a whole lot that piqued the Japanese genre fan’s interest over the past week, so this should be a fairly short post. That doesn’t mean that there’s nothing cool hitting, just that I’ve missed it. As evidence of that, let’s play catch-up on a story I completely missed previously: Ao Oni.

This monster movie hit theaters in Japan last month, yet somehow I completely overlooked it (apologies!). Ao Oni (Blue Ogre) is based on an independent game made on RPG Maker XP (available for free), so as someone who dabbled extensively in the RPG Maker scene back in high school, I find this really cool. The oni don’t look too bad in the film, and based on the trailer, the lead (AKB48’s Anna Iriyama) seems to be giving her all. I’ll definitely have to keep an eye out for when it hits DVD.

Continuing to less-slowpoke news:

  • While on the subject of movies adapted from horror games, another trailer is out for Fatal Frame. I assume that there’s some sort of inappropriate pop music generator for pairing horror movie trailers with best-selling singles, since it’s become standard operating procedure for a hit song to intrude halfway through a trailer now.

  • Project Arms-creator Kiyoichi Nanatsuki is doing Genma Taisen Rebirth, a new manga based on Kazumasa Hirai and Shotaro Ishinomori’s Genma Taisen, serialized in Club Sunday. I’ve never actually read the original manga, but I did rather enjoy Rintaro’s adaptation Harmagedon, and the Genma Wars TV series was okay. Always cool to hear that Ishimori Pro is doing something with their non-Kamen Rider properties, though. [via ANN]
  • shin_genma_taisen In other manga news, the new Big Comic Spirits series Tokusatsu Gagaga, by Niwa Tanba caught my eye. It’s apparently a comedy about a 26-year-old office lady tokusatsu otaku, a genre which has yielded great success so far (side note: for anyone not watching Aoi Honoo, it’s superb).

tokusatsu gagaga

  • Also, a trailer for the PS3/Vita game Super Hero Generation, crossing over Ultraman, Gundam, and Kamen Rider:

  • Speaking of the Playstation, Optimus Prime is turning into one for an upcoming toy line. Megatron, naturally, will be the Mega Drive. [via crunchyroll]

Optimus Playstation Megadrivetron

  • In less-affordable toy news, the German stuffed animal company Steiff has introduced Godzilla into their menagerie of high-end plushes. Limited to a run of 1,954 plushes (get it?), Godzilla will be 50 cm and retail for 51,300 yen. [via ANN]
  • steiff godzilla In even less affordable toy news, 7-11 offered a line of 2 meter tall, 1,700,000 yen Evangelion Unit 1 statues. All 25 of them sold out in just two minutes. [via ANN]
  • 711unit-1 I don’t normally link to fan translation projects here (since most of them are fansubs or manga scans found in a handful of central locations), but I would like to take a minute to give props to the tumblr Savior in the Dark for translating the Garo novella Hagane no Honou. The story gives awesome insight into the world of Garo, has some fantastic art, and introduces the main character of the current TV series. On a related note, Grown ups in Spandex has started a translation of the Jetman novelization, another one of those holy grails of tokusatsu-inspired literature. Translating prose is harder than manga and usually more difficult than video, thus most groups don’t bother, so it’s pretty cool that this is happening. Extra thanks to the people doing this… we here at Maser Patrol just might have our own contribution in the works as well.

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