Weekly news recap (supplemented by fan-art edition)

Sorry for the unusually late update this week; it’s partially because of busywork, and partially due to the lack of much super exciting to write about. Since the news for this week is short, here’s a drawing I did this week as well, in response to someone claiming that the only worthwhile Japanese monster movies were giant monster movies. (In full disclosure, I’m really just posting this because I’m a narcissist with delusions of moderate artistic capability.) Can you tell what’s supposed to be what?


On to content that might actually be of interest:

  • Some footage from this October’s live-action TV adaptation of Hell Teacher Nube was shown on a Japanese variety show. It looks good!

  • A trailer for the third part of the live-action Rurouni Kenshin trilogy, The Legend Ends. The title implies finality, yet the trailer implies that this will be part of the Kyoto arc. I guess the Enishi saga is getting left out again?

  • Kamen Rider Drive has been revealed a little more clearly, on the cover of Kamen Rider EX magazine.

kamen rider ex drive

  • The Ai Tenchi (the new series of 5-minute Tenchi Muyo shorts) designs looks wildly different from the typical AIC project. A bunch of the character designs are up at crunchyroll.

ai tenchi

  • Akiva Goldsman is in talks to write the third American Ring movie. He doesn’t have the best track record with adaptations: Batman & Robin, I Am Legend, and The Da Vinci Code left a lot to be desired. [via ANN]
  • Like digital-exclusive English versions of Jump manga, but not the ones available through Viz? There are quite a few popping up around the internet. First of all, DMP has been posting Kimagure Orange Road. I’m glad that the series is available in English again, but it’s still a shame that the run on the amazon kindle was so short-lived. (At least I have something non-pornographic to spend emanga credits on, now.)

    Also, Renta has begun posting Peacock King as “Peacock Lord” (as well as the not-fantasy-based but still entertaining Sakigake Otoko Juku and Mad Bull 34) for digital rental or purchase-to-view-on-website. They have a few other series from the same authors as well.

  • Last but not least, a handful of new Bandai toy tidbits. Both Kamen Rider ZO and Sun Vulcan‘s VulEagle are getting SH Figuarts treatment, and the SH MonsterArts Mecha King Ghidorah is coming with Dorats. It’s great to see these characters represented, especially since the Dorats have barely been merchandised at all.

figuarts zo vuleaglemonsterarts dratsmonsterarts mechaghidorah2

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One Response to Weekly news recap (supplemented by fan-art edition)

  1. M. Alan Thomas II says:

    (1) You’ve done a good enough job of exposing me to Japanese horror designs that I recognize some of the monsters without actually knowing their names or having seen the source material. :)

    (2) I think I’m just gonna decide right now that this new Tenchi material doesn’t exist. (Or at least doesn’t need watching.)

    (3) Dorats! So cute. . . .

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