Another sort-of-slow news recap

Again, this week’s news is coming in a bit late, and again, there’s not a lot to report. Really, the biggest Japanese pop-culture happening of note was the result of some of Sanrio’s poor translations, leading to a debate about whether or not Hello Kitty is actually supposed to be a cat. The verdict: well, she could be a personification of a cat. Or not. Honestly, it gets confusing at times:

hellotantsugi kitty Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-Hello-Kitty Chogokin-Hello-Kitty-robot-5-630x497 hello eva

On to some other stories:

  • One of the week’s interesting reveals was the upcoming Pokken Tournament arcade game, which re-imagines Pokemon in the style of Tekken. Personally, I’d really love to see the reverse of this: Tekken in the gameplay style of Pokemon. Imagine: “A wild Yoshimitsu appeared! Jinpachi, I choose you!” or “Jin has evolved to Devil Jin!”

  • Here’s a preview for Tokyo International Film Festival’s “World of Hideaki Anno” lineup. While it’s certainly heavy on the Evangelion, I’m glad that it acknowledges a lot of his other (often more pleasant) work.

  • Remember ABC’s of Death? It was a 26-part international anthology horror film with segments by Yoshihiro Nishimura, Yudai Yamaguchi, and Noboru Iguchi (Japan’s current splatter-pack). Anyway, the sequel, ABC’s of Death 2, hits on-demand on October 2nd and theaters October 31st, this time with Hajime Ohata (director of Henge) contributing. I’ve seen conflicting reports about whether Sion Sono (director of Exte, Cold Fish, etc.) and Soichi Umezawa (makeup artist on Alien vs. Ninja and more) will be directing segments; maybe one pulled out and was replaced? [via Scifi Japan]
  • The Ai Tenchi Muyo website has more pictures with updated character designs. Seeing these familiar characters revised, they look even further off to me than the series’ new characters did. (Not that this is their first redesign, just that it’s been a while since the early 1990’s, I guess.) Here’s Ryoko and Ayeka, with the original for comparison:

ai tenchi 2ai tenchi comparison

  • Speaking of radical redesigns, Parasyte (AKA Kiseijuu) is getting an anthology tribute manga in ARIA and Afternoon magazines called Neo Kiseijuu. The concept should be familiar: Parasyte’s author Hitoshi Iwaaki contributed a chapter to the anthology Neo Devilman (based on Go Nagai’s Devilman, of course), so now other authors, including Akira Hiramoto, Miki Rinno, and Miki Maki are doing the same for Iwaaki’s work. [via ANN]

neo parasyte

  • Yen Press has licensed the manga adaptation of Big Hero 6. This is baffling: why is Marvel, arguably the largest English-language comic company, not releasing a comic based on their own characters themselves? Marvel has been surprisingly hands-off on Big Hero 6, from the movie trailer bearing Disney’s logo and not Marvel’s, to the complete lack of any sort of Marvel-based tie-in (no new series, no guest spots, nothing) around the time of the film. Has that ever happened with a Marvel film adaptation before? [via crunchyroll]
  • These Dragonball-themed office supplies may not actually be practical, but they sure are fun. [via tomopop]

Dragonball office supplies And that concludes the neat J-genre stuff I’ve seen online lately. I’ll try not to be as late with the next one (no promises!).

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