Sporadic news round-up

Apologies again for the erratically timed news round-ups; hopefully I’ll be in a more stable groove in a couple of weeks. Anyway, let’s see what’s up in the world of cool Japanese monster stuff:

  • Usually I like to start these news digests with a couple of trailers, so let’s take a look at the upcoming Terra Formars TV series (as opposed to the OVA), and the Attack on Titan OVA (as opposed to the TV series). The Terra Formars TV series (starting Sept. 26th) is picking up where the OVA left off, while the Attack on Titan OVA (releasing Dec. 9th and April 9th), subtitled No Regrets, is a prequel based on the Attack on Titan: No Regrets spin-off manga featuring Levi.

  • I don’t think there’s been a really good Dragonball game since Idainaru Dragonball Densetsu for PS1, but I’ve got to say that Dragonball Xenoverse has me sort of interested. Granted, the premise is based around a mechanic of time travel antithetical to what was established in the series proper, but the customization and gameplay look like they have interesting possibilities. Plus, it’s coming to Steam, so it’ll probably be available for like 75% off MSRP within a few months of release.

  • The first original monster for the IDW Godzilla comic run has been revealed. The “Trilopods” showed up on the cover of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #19, and now a character model sheet has also been uploaded. Keeping with the same philosophy as the original kaiju designed for Godzilla: Save the Earth, these monsters were also created such that they could be easily rendered in suitmation, in order to mesh well with the established Godzilla monsters.
    The creation of new monsters is a very good move on IDW’s part, firstly because they’ve exhausted the roster of licensed, popular kaiju (sure, Toho has more creations that they could license, but who, aside from myself, really wants to see Godzilla fighting the aliens from the Pink Lady movie?), and because the creation of new monsters broadens the universe and allows for the comics to leave their own memorable stamp on the franchise. Plus, y’know, it’s cheaper to make your own characters rather than negotiating for more from Toho.
    Other than that… um, think we should tell them that they botched the katakana?

rulers of earth 19trilopod

  • Speaking of kaiju, both Matt Frank and Jeff Zornow have contributed pretty awesome posters for the upcoming Kaiju Gaiden, a documentary on the independent kaiju eiga scene in Japan:

frank gaiden zornow gaiden

  • Much like The Next Generation: Patlabor, Mamoru Oshii is reviving another one of his cancelled live-action projects from the 1990s this year with Garm Wars – The Last Druid, set to premier at the Tokyo International Film Festival. The article claims that it will be his English-language debut, meaning that I guess we’re all going to just pretend that Assault Girls didn’t happen? Anyway, no trailer yet, but my curiosity is piqued. [via crunchyroll]
  • While Bandai’s MonsterArts toy line has released a 2005 King Kong and teased us with images of the angels from Evangelion, their kaiju output has stuck pretty firmly in Toho’s ballpark. They’re branching out, however, with what must have been one of their most-requested figures since the inception of the line: Gamera from 1996’s Gamera 2. The figure will be available in early 2015, and could conceivably kick off a whole slew of toys. Knowing MonsterArts, though, they’ll probably stick with the Heisei incarnations. [via tamashii nations]

monsterarts gameramonsterarts gamera 2 monsterarts gamera 3

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