Maser Patrol podcast episode 16: Heisei Godzilla

After a long delay, we finally got around to recording the next installment in our Godzilla retrospective. And after another long delay, it was actually edited.

Anyway, this time around, we take a fond look back at the Heisei Godzilla period (1984-1999, not to be confused with the actual Japanese Heisei period, 1989-present). We’re quite fond of the movies during this time (blame nostalgia goggles or whatever), so we went a bit longer than usual. Okay, way longer. Instead of delivering a single 4-hour mp3 (we’re not HJU Radio, after all), I split this into two two-hour parts, breaking right before 1993’s Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II. Enjoy!

Part 1:

Direct download

Part 2:

Direct download

Show notes:

  • Sea Baragon, Machine Godzilla, and King Godzilla from the Hiroshi Kawamoto manga:

sea baragon  machine godzilla  king godzilla manga

  • Monster Planet of Godzilla footage:

  • Godzilland episode 1:

  • The weird mash of monsters in Godzilla Trading Battle:

  • Most of the alleged Godzilla Island clips on youtube are from fan projects. This one, however, is straight from the real show:

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