Weekend news round-up for Oct 18

Not a lot of major breaking stories this week, but here’s what I’ve heard:

  • You know how Space Dandy premiered in the US before it did in Japan? Well, the new Lupin III series, from Tiger & Bunny writer Yuuya Takahashi (who also wrote the recent Daisuke Jigen spin-off flick), will premiere in Italy first. Looks like the jacket will be blue this time (now he’s got enough colors for a sentai team!). [via ANN]

blue jacket lupin

  • Horror manga icon Junji Ito (Tomie, Uzumaki, Gyo) is doing a series of illustrations for KowaPoke, or “scary Pokemon.” Check it out here. [via ANN]

junji ito pokemon

  • There’s talk of a Resident Evil TV series spun-off from the movies. Sure, The Walking Dead has been a big hit, but I have to wonder what network they’re aiming for. [via crunchyroll]
  • This isn’t exactly news, but someone sent me a link to a movie based on the wildly popular Puzzle & Dragons mobile game. Turns out that the movie’s porn, from the same studio that did the Attack on Titan porn parody: overly ambitious and meticulously accurate to the source material. They should really just make something without all those pesky sex scenes in the way.

  • Right Stuf has a deal with Sunrise to release several Gundam series in the US, including the never-before-released Gundam ZZ and Turn-A Gundam. I just might have to pick up Turn-A.

  • Shout Factory will be releasing 1961 Danish kaiju flick Reptilicus on Blu ray next summer, on double feature with the Italian giant octopus movie Tentacles. The American version of Reptilicus is already available on US DVD from MGM, so here’s hoping Shout can get their hands on the original uncut Danish version (with flying scenes!).

  • A Kickstarter campaign has gone live for Congaaargh, a kaiju project with some of the same special effects artists who worked on Doctor Who. For a crowdfunding of this scope, their asking price is suspiciously low, so I wonder how much miniature work etc they have planned.


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