Weekly news recap: Ultraman Mebius on Crunchyroll, Zyuranger DVD art, and the biggest Tezuka Kickstarter to date!

Time for the regular weekly roundup of cool news for all things J-SF/horror/fantasy-related! Things are relatively quiet on the Japanese side of things this week:

  • A poster is out for the movie adaptation of Assassination Classroom. Since they’re keeping the teacher so cartoony, I have to sort of wonder: why go live-action at all?

assassination classroom poster

  • The official website for Tatsunoko’s comedic superhero Yatterman is teasing a new project called Yoru no Yatterman. Details should be released in two days.
  • By the trademarks placed, it seems that the next Super Sentai series will be called Shuriken Sentai Nin’ninger, a pun almost as audacious as the last ninja themed show, Hurricanger. I guess like clockwork, every decade needs a ninja sentai like they need a car team and a dinosaur one. (Unless this is some sort of masterful prank, and they’re actually, like, circus-themed or something.) [via tokunet]
  • The new Macross series looks like it will be called Macross Delta. [via ANN]

Now onto the western front, where there’s much more action:

  • A week after debuting Ultraman Max, Crunchyroll stealthily snuck Ultraman Mebius onto their streaming service.

    From 2006, Ultraman Mebius is arguably the last true Ultraman show, and it goes out with a bang, returning to the original continuity for the 40th anniversary of the franchise. It also brings back classic characters in guest spots, to reward stalwart fans in a way that’s still accessible to new audiences (a tactic that would later be aped by the likes of Gundam Unicorn, Kamen Rider Decade, Digimon Xros Wars, and more). The show is superb, and I highly recommend checking it out, streaming to give both Ultraman shows as much traffic as possible.
    Don’t toss all your fansubs just yet, though, because unlike Ultraman Max, Ultraman Mebius did have side stories and tie-in movies that occurred during its TV run that complete the story, and Crunchroll does not have those on their site… a pretty minor goof all things considered.

mebius ep1 cap
Oh, come on, Ryu, that’s exaggerating.

  • Shout Factory released DVD art for their DVD release of Zyuranger. Personally I think they’re overcompensating to prevent people from confusing it with Power Rangers; the suits images are tiny and there’s not a robot, villain, or monster to be seen.

zyuranger DVD art

  • Sentai Filmworks has licensed Brynhildr in the Darkness. As stated earlier, the ‘blog crew here rather like that show: from the creator of Elfen Lied, it’s about girls who were given alien brain slugs and spine control metals from an evil organization, then they escaped and use their new superpowers to battle the other supergirls that the organization sends after them. It’s basically a moe version of Guyver, with similar levels of violence.

  • Digital Manga has launched a Kickstarter campaign of unprecedented scope: 31 volumes of Osamu Tezuka manga, split over three tiers. The main goal is for printing Three-Eyed One and Rainbow Parakeet, the first stretch goal is for Wonder Three and Alabaster, and the final is for Vampires and Birdman Anthology. Now, I’d love to see all of these released, but some more than others. This all-our-eggs-in-a-$590,000 basket approach that they’re taking is sort of frustrating.

Speaking of Kickstarter, by the way: friendly reminder that if you want to see footage from Gamera 4, Wolf Man vs. Godzilla, Matango 2, and other independent Japanese movie efforts released, please please please contribute to Kaiju Gaiden! If these movies are not sought out and preserved now they may be lost for all time, which would certainly be a shame!

Finally, some toy news:

  • Tamashii Nations opened a webshop for the US and Canada.
  • Kotobukiya has a figure coming in February for one of the main titans from Attack on Titan (his name may be considered a series spoiler for those who haven’t caught up on it yet). SRP is 4968 yen, but preorders are up for as low as 3300.
    eren titan kotobukiya
  • The SH MonsterArts figure for Godzilla 2000 sold out pretty quickly, but for those who missed the chance to snag one, it’s getting re-released with an alternate paint set. This is also good news for people who don’t like the pink spines, I guess (compare the figures below). Retail is 7776 yen or $74.99, due in the spring.

monsterarts g2kg2kmarepaint

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