News roundup: Halloweek 2014

Hope everyone had a good Halloween! Anyone party with Kayako?

It’s still All Hallow’s Day, so let’s review the spooky (and not so spooky) Japanese hero and monster news from the past week:

  • Generation Kikaida has announced that the US DVD release of Kikader Reboot (that spelling must irk them) is hitting in December! I’m psyched for the movie, but also because this marks the first release that the company has done since the 2008 economy crash.

  • The new Godzilla PS3 game has added Destroyer, Burning Godzilla, and a couple Mechagodzillas to the roster. None of that is as exciting as this screenshot, though [via astounding beyond belief]:

godzilla can fly

  • Tim Burton was in Tokyo for the World of Tim Burton exhibit, and got to hang out with some of the Ultraman monsters. How cool would a Tim Burton-directed Ultraman be? [via MAT]

ultra burton burton pigmon

  • Still not sure how to feel about Kamen Rider Drive, but it is interesting that they’re doing a giveaway of a prequel “episode 0” of the series for moviegoers at this winter’s Kamen Rider Movie War crossover. Hopefully it’ll be included on future home video releases as well.

  • An animated promo has been posted for Kujakuoh: Sengoku Tensei, or Peacock King: Warring States Reincarnation, the 4th arc in Makoto Ogino’s long-running manga series. Peacock King (sometimes called Spirit Warrior here) was also the basis for anime series in 1988 and 1994, and was adapted into two pretty cool live-action movies in Hong Kong.

  • I’ve been lax about posting trailers for individual episodes of The Next Generation Patlabor, but since this is for the movie version, I guess I ought to. I wonder what the chances of this getting a proper US release are, presumably depending on how well the anime’s been doing.

  • Junji Ito has done a Gengar image for the KowaPoke project. Also, he’s got a creepy Snow White adaptation this month in the magazine Manga Grimm Douwa, a periodical that specializes in manga versions of Grimm fairy tales. [via crunchyroll]

junji ito gengar

  • Kaiju Gaiden posted a couple of images from Katto Pro’s Rabbit Man vs. Godzilla, a parody of Wolf Man vs. Godzilla (that’s right, a fan film got a parody, in the 80’s!). I’m continually impressed by Kaiju Gaiden’s efforts to bring forgotten independent Japanese monster movies to light; and I continue to implore anyone curious about this stuff to visit their Kickstarter page.


  • As someone who’s watched three sort of awful professionally-made live action Dragonball movies, I’ve got to say, this fan film looks pretty good:

Amiami has a massive gallery from the 2014 Tamashii Nations event, but a couple of the figures on display especially caught my eye:

  • Terra Formars figuarts:

figuarts zero terraformars

  • MonsterArts Godzilla 2014 with fire breath, colored spines (in retrospect, this seems obvious, but I don’t think the line has done that for a repaint before), and a severed MUTO head. With this, I have no desire to get the previous version of the 2014 Godzilla MonsterArts.

fire godzilla

  • Complete sets of Goranger and Sun Vulcan figuarts:
  • goranger sunvulcan The Kikaider remake next to the… oh, I see what you did there.metalder kikaider
  • Garo figures. It looks like they’re keeping the Makai Kadou line going (with the impressive Crow and Raiga figures from the end of Flower of Makai), but also reviving the Garo Figuarts line with Ryuga from The One Who Shines in Darkness and Leon from The Carved Seal of Flames (the anime). It’s a little hard to tell what the center figure is, but I’d guess it’s a re-release of Kouga or possibly Taiga from the original series.2014 garo figures
  • Ultra-Act of the current manga Ultraman:ultra act manga Where do Japanese fans find the space to display all the cool stuff they can get?
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